OptaCaddy | Perfect for Children of all AgesThe Perfect Desk/Tabletop Eyeglass Holder for Children
Children's Eyeglass Holder - Eyeglasses Holder for children of all ages from Toddlers, Tweens and all the way to Teens. Exciting colors that are sure to please both boys and girls, and adults too!
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protect your investment!  

Children eyeglasses are expensive!
We try to teach our children to protect their glasses, but as we all know, both boys and girls are not careful when it come to eye glasses. As parents ourselves, we've all seen it! Children are constantly either loosing their glasses, or putting them somewhere where they either get lost or damaged. How many pairs of glasses do you buy our child because of improper handling?

Protect eyeglasses with Optacaddy!
  • Protects your kids glasses
  • Easy to clean & keep clean
  • Durable tip-resistant non-slip base
  • Water resistant
  • Made from High Grade Acrylic
  • Keeps eyeglasses at arms reach
  • We have the colors and designs kids and parents will love ♥ !
OptaCaddy | Selling Eyeglass Stands for 36 years
The only website that is dedicated to helping you KEEP your child's glasses! Other websites will try to sell you eyeglasses. We have a unique solution for kids to keep their eyeglasses safe and secure in
a stylish upright eyeglass stand. We offer many colors to choose from, so your Optacaddy will fit in seemlessly into any decor that your child dreams up!

Eyeglasses Stand with exciting designs your children will love
Optacaddy Eglasses Stand | Fits your children's eyeglasses
about our optacaddy
We have been around for over 36 years! Thousands of people have been enjoying the original Optacaddy through out the years. And now we are bringing the Optacaddy to children of all ages! We are introducing new and exciting colors, sizes and designs manufactured from the highest quality materials people have come to expect from us, but now made especially for kids!
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  Toddlers & Tots (Small)   Tweens & Teens (Medium)   Classic (Large)  
Small | Eyeglasses Stand For Young Children, Toddlers and Tots
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Sugg. 0-9 years
Medium | Eyeglasses Stand For Tweens and Teens
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Sugg. 10-16 years
Large | Eyeglasses Stand For Older Teens and Adults
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Sugg. 14 + years
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